A Hidden Paradise in Kerala Backwaters

A Hidden Paradise in Kerala Backwaters

Calm. Silence. Birds singing and dancing in the sky. A cow. Music from the temple. The soft come-and-go of the water. The wind on my face. Munroe island is a hidden pearl in the backwaters.one of the most beautiful places I have seen and one of my best experiences.  

Munroe island is near Kollam, and it is actually composed by 8 islands, separated by small water channels and lakes. A few years ago there were no roads, and all transport was done by boat. Nowadays, there is a main road and a few secondary roads, with some cars, buses and motorcycles around, but its number is still low.

The population of the island is 10000, but I could not have guessed, it seems much less. Maybe because the houses are far from each other, maybe because there is a lot of nature. It is not crowded, it is clean, it is calm…


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